Promises made, results delivered

Every facet of life affects the families in Macomb and Mike MacDonald promised to put those families first. Whether it is healthcare, education, election integrity or community services, Mike has fought for real reform and championed issues that matter to her at home in Macomb.

  • MacDonald promised to lower Michigan’s highest-in-the-nation auto insurance rates. As a result of the change he supported, drivers are going to see a $400 per vehicle refund in Spring 2022.
  • Mike MacDonald supported common sense reforms to Michigan’s election laws:  things like requiring voters to show photo identification and allowing the Secretary of State to remove deceased voters from the voter file.
  • Mike sponsored legislation to give parents the final say in holding their kids back and supported legislation to ensure parental rights in our schools.
  • MacDonald secured funding for Families Against Narcotics. We need to give families dealing with addiction every resource to recover.
  • Pets are part of the family too. Mike introduced legislation that would criminalize knowingly giving an animal up for abuse.
  • Mike MacDonald championed legislation to allow front-line workers like geriatric care and mental health professionals to have student loans repaid if serving in critical shortage areas.
  • MacDonald served as a fierce advocate for Michigan’s small businesses throughout the pandemic. This included supporting forgiveness of all fines and fees imposed and all prosecutions brought against businesses for violating unconstitutional COVID 19 restrictions.
  • Mike MacDonald supported legislation that reaffirmed support for Michigan businesses by encouraging the state to direct as many procurement dollars as possible to Michigan based businesses. He also urged Congress to provide more relief for small business during COVID 19
  • Mike MacDonald passed a law that allows police and firefighters to carry epi-pens.
  • MacDonald has fought to secure critical infrastructure funding for Macomb. He has also worked to cut red tape on transportation funding by allowing municipalities to swap federal aid. This will enable counties to more appropriately direct funding without federal strings attached.
  • Mike MacDonald has fought against Governor Whitmer’s failed leadership. Her destructive shut down policies have ruined our economy and her inaction has hurt hundreds of thousands of Michigan residents by failing to address the state’s unemployment disaster.

Next Up for YOU:

Jobs/Economy-Inflation is out of control. Grocery and gas prices are at the highest in 30 years, yet wages continue to remain stagnant. Families can’t afford this cost of living. We have to encourage a business environment where businesses grow and job providers can afford good paying jobs; and an economy where groceries and gas are affordable.

Education-Our kids have suffered enough.  The emotional toll of remote learning and the loss in quality of education is unforgiveable. Kids belong back in school and schools needs the resources to get kids learning back where it should be. Enough is enough.

Election Integrity-Regardless of how you feel about the results of the 2020 election, one thing is clear: voters have lost faith in our elections. As a cornerstone of our republic, voters must KNOW that our elections are free, fair, and that only legitimate votes count. We can make some basic, common-sense changes to address this. Require photo identification to vote, remove deceased voters from our voter rolls, and make sure that completed ballots are secure until after they are counted.

Better Access to health care-As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital that we invest the proper resources in world-class healthcare. This includes stopping the burnout that is causing an already critical nursing shortage.

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